Iventa, Commerce Planet's e-commerce platform and systems provider, is set to launch its new fully integrated e-commerce platform application. Dashboard System Version 2.0 provides businesses with a Service Oriented Architecture, which powers both the back-office administration and the consumer-facing Web site.

The new dashboard is sold on a monthly licensing basis, with additional fees charged as a percentage of transaction volume and for various overages. Businesses can choose from a series of template solutions or have Iventa's professional services group create a customized integration into existing Web sites or back-end infrastructure.

"The systems, intellectual property and inventions we have created are very powerful and now we are on the proper platform to be able to fully realize the true value of our offerings," Jamison Stafford, Iventa's CEO and Chief Architect, said in a statement. "Our individual modules, including e-commerce, membership protection, subscriptions, digital download and email deployment are all part of how we solve business needs online."

Published on: Jan 2, 2008