Data Deposit Box has announced thatBest Buy Canada (NYSE:BBY) will join its Powered By partnership program. Best Buy's Geek Squad will now deliver Data Deposit Box's secure and comprehensive online data storage and sharing service.

The partnership will allow Geek Squad agents to offer the Data Deposit Box service on home and office calls at $2 per gigabyte per month. Within minutes of installation, file backup can begin. When a change is detected, it is automatically extracted, compressed, encrypted and then securely transferred to a remote server. Backup files can be accessed remotely from any Web browser by logging into Data Deposit Box's secure Web site.

"This service is an excellent way for our small business customers serviced through our Best Buy for Business area of our stores to see increased productivity with minimal investment. For this reason, we anticipate a great response from this customer base," Andrew Grantham, national sales and service manager at Best Buy and the Geek Squad, said in a statement.

Published on: Jan 9, 2008