Business communications software and systems providerAvaya (NYSE:AV) has unveiled two new customer service applications. The first is an IP telephony application that allows the new Motorola CA50 VoIP-enabled wireless scanner to help locate the best-suited sales associate on the store floor when a customer has a question. The second is a video customer service solution that offers live, high-definition two-way video communication for in-store customers.

Avaya Specialist Connect for Retailers uses intelligence built into Avaya Communication Manager IP telephony software to quickly summon specialists through a simple directory look-up, or automatically by pressing a button after scanning a bar code. The CA50 is compatible with Avaya Communication Manager to deliver an industry-specific communications application ideal for the retail, healthcare and hospitality industries.

Avaya Video Assistance for Retailers, which offers standard or high-definition two-way video communication for in-store customers, combines Avaya IP telephony and contact center software with video collaboration capabilities fromPolycom (NASDAQ:PLCM). It allows retailers to extend their sales and technical resources to customers without the need to fully staff every location.

Published on: Jan 14, 2008