CallWave (NASDAQ:CALL) has introduced a new suite of premium mobile communications services on the CallWave Mobile Platform. CallWave Virtual Voicemail allows users to choose between three flexible packages, all of which include the proprietary Vtxt voicemail-to-text feature and work with users' existing mobile phone, number, and wireless service provider.

Vtxt allows users to receive a transcribed and summarized version of their voicemail message by text. A transcribed version of the voicemail can also go to their e-mail inbox via a secure, Web-based message portal. Additionally, CallWave Virtual Fax allows users send, receive, and store faxes from their PC.

"CallWave was founded to simplify and enhance our most critical communication tools -- the phone and the PC," Jeff Cavins, CEO of CallWave, said in a statement. "Creating interoperability between the Internet, landline and mobile phone, the CallWave Mobile Platform gives mobile professionals a new way to manage essential communications."

Published on: Jan 14, 2008