SonicWALL (NASDAQ:SNWL) has unveiled the latest version of its Aventail SSL VPN remote access platform. Aventail 9.0 provides secure remote universal access to the network with advanced features that detect the security of the end point, protect applications through unified policy and authentication, and connect users securely to applications.

Providing a seamless end user experience and centralized management model for all access methods, including Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, Mac and other mobile devices, Aventail 9.0 includes integration with SonicWALL's GMS platform, updated IPsec Replacement features that lower the costs of replacing IPsec with SSL VPNs, and Mac OS 10.5 Leopard support. The new solution is priced starting at $3,995 for 10 users on the Aventail EX-750, a full-featured SSL VPN appliance designed for small and midsize businesses.

"SonicWALL Aventail 9.0 was specifically built for IT administrators looking for a viable IPsec Replacement strategy and round-their-network security infrastructure with easy-to-manage, cost-effective network security infrastructure products," Chris Witeck, director of product marketing at SonicWALL, said in a statement.

Published on: Jan 15, 2008