Internet data collection provider Greenfield Online (NASDAQ:SRVY) has teamed up with proprietary business and consumer databases companyinfoUSA (NASDAQ:IUSA) to develop a validated panel of small-business decision makers. The infoUSA Small Business Trendsetters will provide B2B product and service providers with insight into the opinions of small business owners nationwide.

Under the deal, Greenfield Online will source telephone-validated online B2B respondents from infoUSA's vast resource of proprietary B2B databases. Members of the Small Business Trendsetters will be validated by infoUSA data specialists who make over 20 million phone calls each year to verify company information.

"We are pleased to partner with the industry's market leader in online data collection to build a world class small-business respondent community," Vin Gupta, chairman and CEO of infoUSA, said in a statement. "The demand for small-business market intelligence is growing and we believe this new relationship will be a great opportunity for both companies."

Published on: Jan 17, 2008