NOVA Information Systems (NOVA), a subsidiary ofAlltel Wireless (NYSE:AT) has announced the availability of contact, activity and deal management software designed for BlackBerry and the Web. Designed for small business customers, SalesNOW allows users to track and manage contacts, deals, activities and e-mails, as well as access and share information with their entire sales team. Any changes made within SalesNOW on a BlackBerry are automatically synced to the application on the Web and vice versa.

Available for $25 per month for individuals and $40 per month for enterprise users, the software also allows users to update graphical reports and dashboards. Alltel offers its business customers with smartphone devices "smart choice packs," a special rate plan offering national voice minutes with an unlimited data plan.

"SalesNOW allows our small business customers to better manage their workload no matter where they are," David Maddox, director of advanced data solutions for Alltel Wireless, said in a statement. "This innovative solution is the ultimate sales tool for the mobile professional and demonstrates Alltel's commitment to deliver the most beneficial business applications available today."

Published on: Jan 18, 2008