CommVault (NASDAQ:CVLT) has launched a new Remote Operations Management Service (ROMS), designed to help small and midsize businesses enhance system availability and better manage their storage environments. Available on demand, ROMS is a Web-based integrated support automation system that provides customers with overnight, weekend and holiday monitoring.

ROMS is fully integrated with CommVault's support databases for automated alert identification, log capture, and issue escalation. It provides all the necessary details to address alerts as they occur, reducing resolution time. As a subscription-based service, ROMS listener software, installed on the CommServe system, is also designed to dynamically update and enhance itself via a secure socket layer (SSL) connection to the ROMS central database in real time.

"We believe that CommVault ROMS is the industry's first software-based integrated monitoring and support service which provides welcome relief to users that have traditionally struggled to maintain reliable 24x7 data-on-demand operations," Robert Brower, CommVault's director of worldwide professional services, said in a statement. "CommVault continues to deliver quality SaaS products and solutions such as ROMS, providing customers the flexibility to purchase only the solution they need, when they need it."

Published on: Jan 28, 2008