The photo quality of products advertised online can be the difference between customers clicking through or continuing to browse.

With that in mind, Vertus this week released a Mac-compatible version of its image-editing tool, Bling! It.

Bling! It allows users with little or no proficiency in Photoshop or other editing programs to add features like backdrops, highlight effects and logos to product images with a few simple clicks, the company says.

"We’ve received numerous comments from customers that have blinged their product shots, that they have realized as much as a 20 percent increase in their achieved product price," said James Carr-Jones, president and CEO of Vertus, in a statement. "With businesses of all sizes and industries offering products through e-commerce outlets, the entrepreneur that makes the best impression online ultimately generates the most sales."

Bling! It has a suggested retail price of $49.95 and can be purchased at

Scan, Organize, Repeat

IntelliScanner this week unveiled a new scanner designed to help small and home-based businesses organize inventory.

The IntelliScanner SOHO uses barcode technology and includes software that tracks inventory, produces detailed reports on where assets are, and sends out alerts when stock is running low.

The product starts at $299 and can be ordered from

Avoiding Data Disasters

There are few events more catastrophic for small businesses than a server crash resulting in critical data loss.

Evolve Technologies aims to prevent such disasters with its latest Backup Disaster Recovery and Offsite Backup services designed for multiple Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 servers.

A Network Attached Storage device backs up as many as eight servers, and, in the event of server failure, provides automatic virtualization capabilities.

The Backup Disaster Recovery is available to Evolve Technologies customers at a starting price of $300 a month, while the Offsite Backup service costs $2 per gigabyte per month.

Visit or call 703-426-7100 for more information.