Does your business have a Web site? The question isn't as common as it used to be. These days, it's generally assumed that any serious business is accessible online. With that in mind, Web site design firm this week launched its online SMB Learning Center, which seeks to help small businesses maximize their Internet presence.

The new service offers articles, tips, how-to's and training information related to building a successful Web site.

While access to basic information is free, fees are charged for Web hosting and other online services. More information is available at

Finding Freelancers

Many small businesses have difficulties finding good, reliable and creative freelance talent., an online freelance job board launched earlier this month, connects freelancers with businesses and advertising agencies based on a rating of the freelancer's abilities, rather than their asking price.

The ratings are generated through unique algorithms developed by the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School, which identify a freelancer's skills and talents. The site also uses client feedback and peer review metrics. Recruiters can search the site for freelancers based on merit-based ratings, hourly pay, availability, location, experience and an online portfolio.

The founder of CreativeHub, Neel Premkumar, described the service as part job board, part social networking site and part online community.

The site is free to join. For more information, go to

Mobile CRM

Maximizer Software Inc., a Vancouver-based customer relationship management software company, recently released its Entrepreneur Edition.

This new tool offers entrepreneurs and small-business owners mobile access with MaxMobile Lite for BlackBerry, on-demand business coaching, on-the-fly reporting, and improved time and task management with Outlook integration.

MaxMobile Lite for BlackBerry also provides BlackBerry smartphone users access to customers, notes, tasks, and schedules directly on their handset, which is also synchronized back to the information on their desktop. The MaxMobile Lite also works for a few Windows Mobile devices.

Additional information can be found at