With fears of a recession in the air, this week employment attorney Howard Emmerman of Chicago-based Beermann Swerdlove offered advice for employees on weathering the economic storm ahead.

Among other tips for avoiding a pink slip, Emmerman suggests developing stronger relationships with your superiors, while working on being an expert in your field, getting involved in long-term projects and keeping an upbeat persona at work. 

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Retired Workers?

Careerbuilder.com, a Chicago-based job site, launched a Website geared toward post-retirement employees.

According to a recent CareerBuilder.com survey, 22 percent of 3,156 human resource managers polled said they would rehire retirees to offset the current shortage of qualified workers.

PrimeCB.com allows retirees to search for part-time, full-time and contract work from Careerbuilder.com's 1.6 million job offering database.

Visit www.primecb.com for additional information.

Minority Entrepreneurs

SCORE, the Washington, D.C.- based small-business advocacy group, added new sections of its Website for minority entrepreneurs.

Along with general information for entrepreneurs on business licensing, generating income and business financing, the site now offers resources and statistics geared toward minority business owners.

The new sections are www.score.org/hispanic.html and www.score.org/guides.html which both offer Spanish-language materials.