Avistar Communications (NASDAQ:AVSR) has teamed up with Yamaha Electronics to create a range of room-based and mobile videoconferencing solutions that combine Avistar's C3 software with Yamaha cameras and audio devices. The first packages to be developed are Avistar's C3 Teamroom MP, C3 Executive Room and C3 Mobile Room systems.

Designed for up to six participants in small to midsize meeting rooms and workgroups, C3 Teamroom MP features Yamaha's PJP 300V with triple 120 degree pan cameras, and a built-in array of 16 microphones and 14 loudspeakers for automated track-the-talker audio and camera adjustments. C3 Executive Room uses a premium webcam and Yamaha's PJP-25UR adaptive echo-canceling conferencing speakerphone for up to four participants. C3 Mobile Room, for up to 2 participants, installs on a laptop PC to offer room-based conferencing quality in a portable package.

"Partnering with Yamaha makes a lot of sense for Avistar," Stephen Epstein, chief marketing officer at Avistar, said in a statement. "Our latest C3 software offers high-end features and is inherently flexible and easy to use."

Published on: Apr 15, 2008