Despite gains in workplace green practices, many workers feel their employers still aren't doing enough to protect the environment.

Nearly 60 percent of 2,281 workers surveyed by Adecco USA, a Melville, N.Y.-based human resources firm, said they felt their employers should be taking more steps to reduce or recycle waist. Among all respondents, women and younger employees were the biggest supporters of workplace green practices.

Many employees also felt businesses tended to exaggerate their environmental policies, adding that green practices play a role in their choice of employer. Still, only 31 percent said they would take a pay cut for the sake of the environment.

"As the phrases 'environmentally friendly' and 'employer of choice' continue to become more closely aligned, job seekers are increasingly looking into a company's green policies as part of their job search process," Adecco Group North America CEO Tig Gilliam said in a statement.