What better way to thank administrative workers than with a fresh salad?

To help celebrate Administrative Professionals Day on April 23, Saladworks is offering all administrative assistants a free Avocadolicious Salad loaded with avocados, mandarin oranges, hearts of palm, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives and garbanzo beans.

Saladworks has locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Illinois. The offer is available to all administrative staffers with a business card between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. EST.

For more information visit www.saladworks.com

Online Exchange

SellMyBusiness.com, a Bingham Farms, Michigan-based internet business services portal, launched an online exchange community this week where small-business owners can buy and sell equipment, property or entire companies.

The site also features Business Watch, a service that allows users to get electronic notifications whenever a business of interest is put up for sale.

Access to all listings are free, though sellers have the option of posting in a subscription-only area that includes screenings and pre-qualification process and verifies a buyer's identity and their ability to pay.

Go here for additional details.

Global Marketplace

Biztrader.com, a New York-based business selling company, unveiled free business valuation software this week as part of a broader move to provide an online global marketplace for buying and selling a company, valuing a business and finding a lender or investment opportunity.

The new software offers an overview of a company's worth by evaluating its financial data as well as historical transactions within the same industries.

"Biztrader.com will serve as an international marketplace where people from around the world can meet online to share ideas, barter services, find professional advice, buy and sell businesses, get foreign investments and much more," Biztrader CEO Colby Sambrotto said in a statement.

The site will incorporate Web 2.0 features, including blogs, videos, mass listing syndication and distribution, RSS feeds, chat boards and real-time automated translation between English, Spanish and Chinese.

Check it out at www.biztrader.com.