SCORE, a Washington-based advocacy group, has added a new section to its website offering tips for young entrepreneurs.

The site will include information on entrepreneurship as a career choice, Web design, and university assistance, along with links to 35 organizations for younger entrepreneurs, business competitions, and statistics.

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Interactive Training

Looking for a fun way to develop staff skills? Education By Design, a San Jose, Calif.-based interactive game company, recently launched an online service that allows employers to create interactive training games for employees, clients, vendors and customers.

EBD 3.0 uses new and existing content to build interactive educational applications, manage enrollment of both small and large groups, and generate and distribute reports. The games aim to develop long-term memory skills and generate excitement about a product, service or concept.

The service costs anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000, depending on the needs of the company. A one-month trial is available for $1,000.

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Employee Owners

This weekend, the Employee Ownership Foundation and the University of Pennsylvania are co-hosting a roundtable discussion on the merits of employee ownership and stock plans.

ESOPs Social and Economic Performance: The Recent Past and Immediate Future will focus on issues covered in a recent paper by visiting scholar Steven Freeman titled "Effects of ESOP Adoption and Employee Ownership."

The event will take place at the university on May 3. For more information, go to