Broadcom (NASDAQ:BRCM) has introduced its new family of 65 nanometer single-chip Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switch solutions for small and midsize business applications. This highly integrated series of switches includes 5-, 8-, 16- and 24-port configurations. Designed to support low power modes and comply with industry standards, it also comes packaged in non-toxic materials.

The BCM53310 series provides a 40 percent reduction in total system power that helps reduce overall system costs. It also offers a single platform that supports both 16- and 24-port GbE unmanaged and smart switch configurations. When combined with Broadcom's Web-managed SmartPATH networking software, it provides customers with a complete hardware and software solution. The BCM53118 series provides a 30 percent power savings in full traffic mode.

"Delivering products in 65nm process technology allows Broadcom to provide its SMB customers with a feature set that rivals that of large enterprise networks, but in a cost-effective manner," Martin Lund, vice president and general manager of Broadcom's network switching line of business, said in a statement.