ZyXEL Communications has released two new gigabit Ethernet switches, the GS1524 and the GS1548, designed for small and midsize businesses requiring high performance networks to support virtualization and data protection applications.

The new Web-managed switches feature Auto Denial of Service (DoS) and guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) for VoIP applications. The benefits of virtualization include improved server utilization, manageability and reduced cost, however it requires high performance networks with high-bandwidth availability. The new gigabit switches series addresses networking demands in an easy-to-configure package.

"Virtualization, data protection and speed are features that are in demand in the small business community," Dana Patrick, director of North American Channels for ZyXEL, said in a statement. "Now, small businesses will have access to gigabit Ethernet switches that offer the benefits they need, without the complexity of a fully managed switch, which requires the added expense of an IT staff."