Cicero has successfully completed interoperability testing between its software and Avaya's (NYSE:AV) Communication Manager and IP Agent business communications solutions. Cicero software non-invasively leverages the interaction between the applications and the platform on which they run, allowing companies to integrate applications regardless of their platform and more quickly automate processes.

The software allows users to create new composite applications from the existing applications, and create and consume Web services, extending the functionality of legacy systems in support of a service-oriented architecture. It also enables companies to consolidate data, streamline business processes and enforce rules and compliance requirements.

"By completing this compliance testing, we join Avaya in providing a more cost effective, integrated solution to customers," John Broderick, CEO of Cicero, said in a statement. "Cicero extends the functionality of both Communication Manager and IP Agent by providing desktop integration to Web, legacy, CRM, Windows and other types of application platforms without writing additional application code."