IBM (NYSE:IBM) has introduced new software and services designed to help companies improve the management and delivery of business and IT services. The new Service Management product line was developed to help businesses streamline their operations and IT processes.

The new offerings include an application and system management and monitoring solution, as well as an integrated service delivery and process automation solution for better delivery of IT services with a common way of defining, refining, linking, and automating tasks and processes in the context of a common, federated and reconciled view of infrastructure and application relationships. The Service Management Center for System z offers an integrated set of tools to help companies make better use of the mainframe's power for tackling business challenges. New tools and accelerator services help evaluate and build business cases to adopt service management.

"IBM Service Management delivers a unique combination of the software, services and supporting hardware our clients need to improve the management of services across the enterprise," Al Zollar, general manager of IBM Tivoli Software, said in a statement.