Iomega (NYSE:IOM) has unveiled its new eGo Leather Portable Hard Drive, ideal for business owners who want a fashionable yet rugged storage solution.

The 250GB leather-bound drive stands out from other traditional USB-powered portable drives and provides users with a fast and powerful tool for preserving and transporting files. Ideal for backing up laptop and desktop data, the 2.5-inch drive comes as a complete storage system with a license for EMC's (NYSE:EMC) Retrospect HD software for automatic, scheduled or on-demand backups. DropGuard technology protects the drive from damage caused by drops of up to 51 inches.

"Around the world, the Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive has been recognized for its beautiful industrial design, and this leather-bound edition brings a new esthetic of luxury and opulence to the necessity of storing and protecting your digital life," Tom Kampfer, president of Iomega, said in a statement. "Why continue to buy cold and impersonal computer hardware when you can truly separate yourself from the crowd with an Iomega eGo Drive in bright colors and now a leather model, too?" Kampfer said.