IBM (NYSE:IBM) has introduced new application security software designed to help businesses securely manage employee, partner and customer IT users' access to applications and information. The Tivoli Federated Identity Manager allows a company's separate departments to deploy secure software applications using open standards and security credentials without the need for security experts.

The new software allows application owners to define the type of credential needed based on an application's risk profile, and end users who present their credentials are automatically signed on. The software also provides auditors with a single view of the credentials used to help validate that the user access matches policy.

"With its extended interoperability, IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager is uniquely positioned to simplify application security integration, enabling business process and application owners to deliver their services without being constrained by IT security and compliance issues," Venkat Raghavan, director of product management at IBM Tivoli security, risk and compliance software, said in a statement.