Developed with frequent online shoppers in mind, a new plugin feature unveiled by PayPal aims to speed up orders for smaller businesses while protecting credit card data.

The tool, which can be downloaded free of charge directly onto a browser, not only stores billing and shipping addresses, but also creates a unique 16-digit Secure Card number every time a checkout takes place to prevent hackers from re-using payment info.

It also stores all receipts in a shopper's personal PayPal account, making potential order discrepancies less cumbersome to sort out.

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Network Security

SonicWALL, a network security firm based in Sunnyvale, Calif., recently launched a Unified Threat Management system tailored to companies with fewer than 100 employees.

The NSA 400 tracks both inbound and outbound Web traffic, while keeping the performance up to speed. Starting at $2,500, the system offers anti-virus and anti-spyware systems, as well as a set of firewall tools.

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Green Printers

This week Xerox launched a new line Phaser-printers, designed primarily for small businesses on a tight budget. Prices range from $300 for a printer-scanner-copier combo, to $2,000 for a laser printer with a speed of 50 pages per minute.

The higher-end printers also offer security tools, like image overwriting, and an online troubleshooting application. All five printers are part of the company's Green World Alliance, which encourages customers to return cartridges and toner containers for recycling.