Starting salaries for software developers, product managers and a range of other professions declined by as much $10,000 last month, according to Jobfox, a McLean, Va.-based employment firm.

The average salary for a software developer is currently $85,000, down from $95,000 in April, the firm reported. Similar declines were reported for product managers, networking and system administrators, and government contract administrators.

Last month, the national unemployment rate dipped from 5.1 percent to five percent, though gains in hourly wages remained flat, according to the Labor Department.

"While overall median salaries might be slightly lower in a few professions, keep in mind that many new job openings are filled by professionals who are still getting a personal salary increase to go along with greater responsibilities and opportunities to grow," Jobfox CEO Rob McGovern said in a statement.

He said job-seekers should focus on finding a better job, rather than a better salary, since salary increases tend to catch up eventually.