Imation (NYSE:IMN) has added a new 500GB native capacity cartridge to its line of RDX removable disk cartridges, reportedly the largest available capacity for any removable hard disk in use today. The RDX system, a low-end tape replacement solution, provides small and midsize businesses with backup, data security and expandable storage.

The RDX disk cartridge houses a high-capacity mobile 2.5-inch hard disk drive in a shock-resistant design that can sustain a fall from up to one meter. It can be connected internally via USB or SATA or externally with USB. The fast transfer rate of up to 45MB/second allows users to back up 150GB of data in less than an hour.

"Imation prides itself on pushing the technology envelope for our users and providing the SMB market with the largest, fastest-performing and cost-effective solution in the market today," Subodh Kulkarni, vice president of global commercial business, R&D and manufacturing at Imation, said in a statement.