The Product Development Company (NASDAQ:PMTC) (PTC) has introduced its new solution for capturing, handling, and sharing product development information. Windchill ProductPoint adapts Microsoft's (MSFT:NASDAQ) SharePoint to the product development world.

Windchill ProductPoint allows SharePoint to understand computer-aided design (CAD) data. It features ProductView services for visual product interaction with 3D thumbnails, visualization of lightweight product viewables, and Web-based markup tools for redlining designs, visual navigation and interrogation of files dependencies. It also includes portlets for presenting information to users in a familiar SharePoint portal, and a PLM (product lifecycle management) Connector for sharing CAD data across Windchill-based systems.

"Windchill ProductPoint enhances Microsoft SharePoint by enabling teams to manage and share structured product development information typically created by CAD and engineering applications," James Heppelmann, executive vice president and chief product officer at PTC, said in a statement.