S1 Enterprise, a division of S1 (NASDAQ:SONE), has released the 3.6 version of its S1 Personal Banking, S1 Business Banking and S1 Application Manager solutions.

Enhancements to the solutions include a converged and continuous feature set from S1 Personal Banking through S1 Business Banking, promoting more flexible online banking packages for targeted customer groups using the S1 Application Manager.

The new release features a My Bank landing page to enhance the customer experience, from which nearly 80 percent of typical online banking activity can be accomplished. The new landing page includes more marketing space, and dedicated areas for customers to view quick lists of payments, transfers and notifications, and take immediate action on required approvals.

"After talking to our customers and the analyst community, we believe we are delivering a unique offering through this product release that the marketplace has been seeking," Neil Underwood, general manager of S1 Enterprise Americas' Retail Online division, said in a statement.