Teltronics has introduced its new Intelligent Service Level Management (iSLM) Solution, featuring nortels (NYSE:NT) CS1000 Monitor Probe designed to receive, capture, process, track and report performance metrics in a Nortel IP telephony environment.

The new solution monitors Nortel's call server, signaling servers, media gateways and IP phones, as well as network infrastructure and overall voice quality. Teltronics has also introduced VQProbe, which provides an IP telephony switch-agnostic means of proactively monitoring real-time and completed voice calls.

"For nearly two decades, Nortel and major carriers have relied on the Teltronics Intelligent Systems Management product line as a network monitoring and management facilitator," Ewen Cameron, president and CEO of Teltronics, said in a statement. "To expand on this long-term relationship, Teltronics is excited about the release of the Nortel CS1000 Monitor Probe and VQProbe as exclusive solutions for Nortel end users and partners to effectively monitor and manage their IP telephony, IT infrastructure and other business critical applications."