CyberSource (NASDAQ:CYBS)has unveiled the 2008 edition of its popular e-payment management guide. The new guide offers tactics e-commerce merchants can use to capture hidden profits in the areas of global payment acceptance, order screening, processing management, collection and reconciliation, and payment security.

Based on a compilation of CyberSource field experience, merchant surveys, and industry data, the new guide features 30 specific tactics, including 15 cost savers and 15 revenue lifters. Ideas explored include promoting the types of payment accepted and eliminating payment data storage. The new guide can also serve as a best-practices reference for online retailers.

"As online merchants look to rein in costs and boost revenue, we see e-payment management rising in importance," Perry Dembner, CyberSource vice president of marketing, said in a statement. "Insiders now know that payment is far from just a utility — it is a sophisticated process that, when actively managed, can reliably yield cost savings and drive sales conversion."