Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has introduced the new Dynamics AX 2009, featuring new capabilities to help small and midsize multi-site organizations streamline processes, reduce operational costs, manage compliance and make better-informed decisions.

The enhanced business management solution includes a Role Center for prioritizing tasks and real-time information for most business functions; a user interface that looks and feels like Microsoft Office software; and self-service business intelligence tools that deliver standard key performance indicators by role and simplify end-user reporting.

"Employees using traditional ERP systems have had to wade through inefficient, time-intensive steps -- enter transactional data, run reports, analyze reports -- before they can do their jobs effectively," Mogens Elsberg, general manager for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, said in a statement. "Through Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009's Role Center, employees from the executive suite to the warehouse have access to role-relevant business intelligence to help them make decision more efficiently."