Virtual PBX has deployed Radware's (NASDAQ:RDWR) AppDirector intelligent application delivery controllers (ADC) to scale its VoIP infrastructure and enable enhanced end-user service within a fully redundant communications environment.

Radware's AppDirector solution improves the delivery of applications over IP networks by bridging the gap between applications and networks. It has enabled Virtual PBX to deploy multiple independent SIP proxy servers that all communicate with the same SQL back-end data store without the need to pay any additional licensing fees. Virtual PBX customer include small businesses that want full PBX functionality, companies of any size that need to route calls to telecommuters, and enterprises looking for phone system disaster recovery solutions.

"Radware's AppDirectors were the only load balancers that we found that could truly manage any kind of IP traffic," Stephen Lange, chief technology officer at Virtual PBX, said in a statement.