Infor has introduced its new CRM Epiphany Marketing Resource Management solution, designed to help marketing departments increase the efficiency, reach and value of their activities. The solution facilitates the management of the marketing lifecycle across all programs and channels, improving control over strategic planning and insight into operations.

The new solution offers personalized home pages, a global calendar, and a shared marketing repository. It also features project management, workflow and reporting capabilities that ensure the effective management and measurement of team-based processes. Integrated within Infor's family of CRM products, CRM Epiphany Marketing Resource Management offers a comprehensive solution that addresses marketing, sales and service.

"Companies are valued not just on the effectiveness of their branding and lead generation activities, but on the efficiency with which they utilize company resources to achieve these objectives," Tony Compton, director of CRM product marketing at Infor, said in a statement. "Infor CRM Epiphany Marketing Resource Management helps marketing departments operate smarter, fostering collaboration and focusing team members on the most important goals."