Taleo (NASDAQ:TLEO) has released the latest version of its recruiting software solution. Taleo Business Edition 8.0 allows companies with less than 3,000 employees to use social networks and advanced technology to source and hire talent.

Leveraging Company Insider, a proprietary tool from LinkedIn, a company can send candidates to a career Web site where they click on a link to see if there is anyone in their LinkedIn network working at that company. The new solution also includes voice response capabilities for applicants without Internet access; pre-qualification screening so companies can screen, assess, flag, and rank candidates using targeted questions about past experiences, industry knowledge and understanding of the role; and automated interview scheduling.

"The LinkedIn Taleo partnership represents the first time that LinkedIn's new Company Insider tool has been integrated into an Applicant Tracking System, which is a natural fit for sourcing talent in today's socially networked world," Scott Roberts, senior director of business development at LinkedIn, said in a statement.