Pingo, the prepaid VoIP calling service from iBasis (NASDAQ:IBAS), has reduced its rates on fixed-line and mobile phone international calling to 70 countries by as much as 59 percent. The discounts allow the company to provide savings on home and small business phone service.

Pingo enables customers to purchase minutes on an as-needed basis and make calls from any fixed or mobile phone. It features RateWatcher, which allows customers to view precise rates with a new 'minutes tab' that calculates the exact number of calling minutes available based on an account balance; customized alerts on rate reductions; automatic account recharge; speed dialing; and security. Small and midsize businesses can set individual spending limits for employees, as well as monitor usage and manage balances through a single, centralized account.

"As a service of iBasis, Pingo takes advantage of the most extensive international VoIP network in existence, which enables us to pass along dramatic savings on international calls," Jayesh Patel, vice president of business development and strategy for iBasis, said in a statement.