With summer comes the return of shorts, mini skirts and flip-flops in the workplace. For employers looking for ways to gently remind their workers of the office dress code, the Association of Corporate Counsel is offering an automated Summer Dress Code phone message to circulate among staff.

The two-minute message is the third in a series of workplace PSAs produced by the Washington-based trade group (compliance training firm WeComply is co-sponsor). The message provides employees a general overview of acceptable workplace attire. They are also given a hypothetical example of an inappropriately dressed employee and quizzed on the number of dress code violations.

Until July 31, the first 50 calls are free for all group members. Additional calls cost 25 cents per minute. To hear a sample message, go to www.wecomply.com/home/pages/summaries/ethicall3.htm#.

Healthy Staffers

Tampa, Fla.-based human resources firm Advantec will be hosting three seminars this month to address workforce and recruiting trends, while introducing the company's new wellness strategies. The first event takes place this week in Tampa. Two others will be held in Houston on June 10 and Dallas on June 11.

The seminars will feature a keynote address by author Steven Aldana, along with tips by Advantec officials on how to attract the right talent, manage productivity and reduce health-care risks among employees.

Green Web Conferencing

On top of providing a more user-friendly design and better audio quality, ILinc's new Web conferencing software comes with a Green Meter-feature that tallies the carbon emissions and travel time saved by enabling participants to attend meetings remotely.

Subscribers to ILinc 10 can also take advantage of a Web-based Communications Center that offers tutorials, security options and session recordings.

Businesses can either purchase the software or subscribe to ILinc on an annual or monthly basis, with prices starting at $45 per month. For more information, see www.ilinc.com/ilinc10.