High gas prices have made airline travel and car rentals a costly business expense with added fees for everything from luggage to in-flight snacks. To help road warriors cope, Kayak.com recently launched a set of online tools to better calculate travel budgets.

The tools include a gas calculator featuring a miles-per-gallon filter that allows users to estimate the added cost of fuel in car rental prices. The service also offers cost estimates based on city and highway miles. It's available at www.kayak.com/cars.

Also, a new Airline Fee Chart offers a cost breakdown by seat assignment, luggage, unaccompanied minors, in-flight meals and pets for 25 domestic and international airlines. Other new features added to Kayak's flight booking service enable users to add so-called "flight quality filters" to a search, which can exclude red-eye or overnight hauls, narrow searches by aircraft type or select preferred layover airports. Searches that find shorter connection times, longer layovers, or a poor on-time record are flagged with a warning label. You can access these features at www.kayak.com/airline-fees.

Job Board Networking

Last week, Jobfox unveiled additional services on its online job board designed to link top-notch candidates with employers on a more personalized level. Jobfox Intros allows applicants to compare job marches, request recruiter introductions and respond directly to interested employers.

The feature is overseen by a team that monitors so-called "Five-Star"-matches and links applicants directly with employers. In addition to searching for immediate job candidates, employers can also maintain a network of outstanding candidates with updated contact information and career-progression data.

Jobfox Intros is available for free to job-seekers, while a subscription fee for employers ranges from $1,000-$6,000 a month. For more information, see www.jobfox.com.

Season's Greetings

The backyard barbeque season is still in full swing, but some retailers are already gearing up for the holiday season. Erayo.com, an online marketplace and social network for independent retailers, opened its Holiday Marketplace last week to help storeowners stock up on products from 125 designers.

The site's virtual showroom includes gift items, fashion accessories and seasonal home décor. Orders are processed within two weeks, with some items discounted by up to 20 percent. Browse the collection at www.erayo.com/Holiday-Store/.