UCS Solutions, a provider of resource planning systems for retail businesses, will host the second in a series of free webinars on Oct. 15. Integration and Strategy: Secrets to a Retail Peace of Mind offers an hour-long interactive session that outlines the business advantages of a carefully executed technology infrastructure.

The webinar will include tips on streamlining data from supply chains, inventories, and billing systems in order to facilitate a retailer's day-to day operations. A representative from A&D Spitz, a footwear and apparel company, will be on hand to offer other strategies and advice.

The event will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A. You can sign up for the event here or download the outline of the first presentation at http://retailpeaceofmind.com/.

Disaster-Proof Broadband

Hughes, a Germantown, Md.-based broadband networks provider, announced this week the launch of Broadband Backup, a technology that gives automatic satellite backup to small-business networks in the event of a landline outage. By keeping office computers online, businesses reduce the risk of data loss and collective frustration.

The service is available for both Internet and private network-based backup needs. Broadband Backup can be also configured to offload network traffic and prevent congestion. Same-day field maintenance options are available for additional help.

To order the service, go here.

Mobile Sales

Salesgenie, a San Carlos, Calif.-based online sales database firm, has launched two new products to help sales reps manage leads. While Salesgenie Mobile allows subscribers to log in to the service from a mobile phone, a new partnership with Google Maps helps visually locate sales prospects.

Salesgenie is available on iPhones, Blackberrys and other Web-enabled phones. Users can access sales lead data while on the go, including revenue and credit information for sales prospects, along with the estimated income and home value of potential customers.

To subscribe to Salesgenie, go here.