Looking for a payroll alternative to old-fashioned paychecks? MasterCard recently teamed up with the Better Business Bureau, a nationwide business network based in Arlington, Va., to give its accredited members the option of having their paychecks deposited onto a prepaid TrustCard.

The TrustCard works like a debit card, and is accepted at the same retailers and ATMs as other MasterCard cards. Businesses that aren't members of the Better Business Bureau can join here.

Senate Guide

The Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship recently published a free reference guide for small-business owners.

The guide is divided into 17 subtopics ranging from health insurance and tax breaks, to entrepreneurial education programs and energy efficiency incentives. It includes input from economic development agencies and policymakers nationwide.

“These ideas have been put into action and are actually working today for small businesses,” Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), the committee chairman, said in a statement.

The entire guide is available as a PDF here.

Custom Recruiting

Standout Jobs, a Web-based recruiting platform, recently launched an upgraded version of its Recruitment Communication service. Designed to provide an interactive and easily customizable career site for employers, the enhanced platform includes a chat feature, facilitated e-mail distribution of job postings, and other interactive tools.

Participating companies can more fully customize the design and interface of their career sites and take advantage of improved SEO functions to make sure that search engines pick up their job listings. The platform also includes an updated architecture that supports integration with an employer's previous HR products, including applicant tracking systems and job distribution programs. Employers can also e-mail new job postings to their companies' complete contact lists to encourage existing employees to recruit new talent.

Pricing starts at $250 per month. To sign up for a 45-day free trial, go here.