Next week, the Principal Financial Group will be sponsoring a free teleclass for women entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses via social networking.

The 60-minute class will feature Lena West, CEO of xynoMedia Technology and a social media consultant for IBM and MasterCard. West will discuss ways to use social networking tools to reach new and existing customers and increase sales.

The class, which takes place on Dec. 2 at 12 p.m. Central Time, is part of the firm’s Women in Business program, an annual series of 10 free classes conducted over the phone for women entrepreneurs. To register, find out more information about scheduled topics and speakers, or listen to past classes, go to

Data Erasure Head

Sun Microsystems this week launched Sun Data Protection Services, Data Erasure, an onsite service designed to help businesses comply with data erasure policies set by government regulatory agencies.

The industry-leading service offers software-enabled data erasure that complies with up to 14 international erasure standards for the removal or destruction of data, and even provides an audit-ready report for proof of compliance in multiple languages.

For customers without a Sun support contract, pricing starts at $87 per disk erased. Go here for more information.

Quicker Inventory

ePhiphony's new inventory management software is set to be released on Dec. 1. Phitch OC 9.0 works with QuickBooks to manage inventory from an investment perspective.

QuickBooks currently requires users to manually enter order quantities and reorder points. Phitch OC is compatible with QuickBooks and automatically orders the right quantity at the right time from an economic profit perspective. By measuring the economic value of an investment, the software assesses the tradeoffs involved in purchasing inventory.

Pricing starts at $1,597 per user. Go here for more information.