Provisions for catastrophic events – like recent high-profile airplane accidents – are often articulated in company travel policies. According to a recent survey of 101 firms conducted by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, 84 percent limit the number of employees that can populate the same flight.

The survey results show that while most companies do have plans in place, they vary on how many executives can travel on the same flight. Forty percent of companies limited the number of executives allowed on the same flight to three to four, while 13 percent permitted only five or six. Only a third of respondents said that their companies allowed more than ten employees to travel together.

Those companies that do not make such restrictions may be subjecting their operations to unnecessary risk, according to Susan Gurley, executive director of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives. She notes that precaution is especially crucial for small businesses. "For a small company especially, if a whole leadership department is in some way hurt injured or killed, that can have huge ramifications."

Gurley notes that high-profile accidents can, in a chilling way, reinforce the importance of these policies, but also the necessity of employee compliance. "These kinds of incidents show us that it's really important not just to have good policies, but also that companies enforce them."