AARP is reaching out to business owners over 50 with the launch of a pilot program that will offer benefits packages to small businesses.

Administered by AARP Services, a subsidiary of the senior citizens' interest group, the program will offer group health care, retirement plans, and payroll services to these entrepreneurs.

These will include group health care plans from insurance company United Healthcare, 401(k) plans from AARP Financial, and payroll services from Intuit.

Many AARP members are entrepreneurs, a fact that was the inspiration for the program, says Mac Hisey, president of AARP Financial.

"More than half of all small business owners are over fifty, which plays directly into our membership," adds Hisey.

Tampa and Chicago, the cities selected for the program's trial run, both have high concentrations of AARP members.

To encourage contributions to retirement plans, the AARP will offer deals to employers who include automatic 401(k) enrollment. According to Hisey, requiring employees to actively opt out makes them more likely to save.

"It helps solve this problem of not enough people saving for retirement, if you build contributions in and make it automatic," Hisey said.

Business owners who don't qualify for the AARP will also be able to participate.