The job facing a stay-at-home mom rivals that of an entrepreneur running a start-up company, according to a recent study be The study reveals that the job of being a mother incorporates the skills of, among others, a CEO, psychologist, facilities manager, computer operator, cook, and van driver, and her salary should be in the neighborhood of $122,732.

Needham, Mass.-based software provider, arrived at that figure by analyzing the market price for various skills and calculating overtime to assign a salary for moms. The study's authors also consider what an employer would have to pay in cash if he had to hire someone to do each different job. The report is meant to illustrate what goes into calculating pay, explains chief marketing officer Meredith Hanrahan.

"A mom is the best way of understanding the process of how to price jobs, because it's a mixture of positions, as well as some salary and overtime," she says.

The survey also draws attention to the marketable skills that women develop as stay-at-home mothers. Moms looking to re-enter the workforce have a number of things to offer—they just need to explain to potential employers how their experience transfers, Hanrahan suggests.

"Employers value a lot of mom skills—things like project management and conflict resolution," Hanrahan says. "Alternatively, I definitely think many women have the ability and skills to start their own business—what they need is confidence."