Just how excruciating do people find PowerPoint presentations?

Nearly a quarter of workers would rather forego sex for the night than sit through a lame presentation, says a new survey. (In the interest of full disclosure, the survey of 1,000 adults was commissioned by start-up SlideRocket, whose Internet-based presentation creation software is a PowerPoint alternative. The company was acquired by VMWare in April.)

Some findings:

A third of those surveyed said they dread creating the presentations, while 29 percent dread sitting through them.

A fifth said a trip to the dentist was preferable to being stuck in a chair watching slides click by. Nearly another fifth—18 percent—said they’d rather work on a Saturday.

Fully a third said a boring presentation literally has put them to sleep, and 30 percent admitted to sneaking out of a presentation at least once.

If you’re the one giving the talk, you may want to keep respondents’ pet peeves in mind: too much text, boring graphics, lack of analytics, and large file size.