March 1, 2007 -- Workplace discrimination is still prevalent in American business, according to a recent survey by, a New York-based executive job Website.

In a nationwide poll of 331 executives, as many as 81 percent said they had witnessed discrimination in the workplace, while 77 percent said discrimination typically comes from the top down.

The majority cited race as the most common type of workplace discrimination, followed by gender, age discrimination, and sexual orientation to a lesser degree, the survey found.

When asked about their own encounters with workplace discrimination, 56 percent reported incidents occurring during the job interview process, though an equal number said they had been the victim of discrimination at some point in their careers.

Only 43 percent said their companies offered awareness programs about discrimination, despite as many as 35 percent calling them "unfortunately necessary."

"The best companies to work for are those that regularly examine their practices to make sure that they are promoting diversity and fostering productive culture," Marc Cenedella, CEO and President of, said in a statement.

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