March 14, 2007 -- College and high school students are invited to compete for up to $7,500 in start-up capital in an annual business-plan competition co-sponsored by BizFilings and the National Federation of Independent Business, organizers said Wednesday.

Each entry must include a detailed plan, overview, and profile of an existing business, along with a market analysis, sales and marketing strategies, and a financial analysis.

The competition, which runs until May 1, is aimed at boosting entrepreneurial activity and expertise among college and high school students, organizers said.

"No matter what the outcome, students will gain valuable insights from simply participating in the competition," said Troy Janisch, marketing director at BizFilings, a Madison, Wis.-based service that helps incorporate businesses. "Drafting a business plan is the first, and possibly most important step toward starting a successful business."

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Published on: Mar 14, 2007