April 23, 2007 -- Cover the Uninsured Week, which began Monday in conjunction with Small Business Week, will offer discussions and workshops across the nation aimed at raising awareness about the need for health-care reform, organizers said.

Affordable and accessible health care is a top priority for the nation's small businesses, according to Todd Stottlemyer, CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business, a Washington-based lobby with more than 600,000 members.

"Small business owners continue to struggle with annual, double-digit insurance premium increases that make providing and maintaining coverage more and more difficult," Stottlemyer said in his statement. Out of approximately 45 million Americans who are uninsured, 27 million are the self-employed small business owners and their families, he said.

Stottlemyer urged federal lawmakers to take up the issue of health-care reform and develop options for small businesses to access affordable health insurance.

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Published on: Apr 23, 2007