May 3, 2007 -- Despite the rigors of running a company, most small-business owners feel they've managed to strike a healthy work-life balance, a recent survey shows.

Eighty-three percent of more than 500 small-business owners polled said they rarely miss personal events as a result of workplace demands, according to a survey conducting by Ipsos Public Affairs for MasterCard.

About half said that being their own bosses helps. Many said they made enough money as a business owner to exceed both workplace and personal needs, while maintaining flexible working hours. Others said they were able to hire competent employees who can take on added responsibilities.

"For most small-business owners, the line between professional and personal life is often blurred as they are constantly juggling multiple business and personal tasks," Bruno Perreault, group head of small and midsize enterprises at MasterCard Worldwide, said in a statement.

MasterCard and Microsoft recently teamed up to launch a $100,000 sweepstake for MasterCard BusinessCard users that encourages small-business owners to achieve a good work-life balance. Under the terms of the sweepstake, the winner must split the cash evenly between their business and personal life.

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Published on: May 3, 2007