With global warming becoming an increasingly important issue in the corporate world, more business leaders are considering the need for a chief energy officer to lead their company's energy strategy, new research shows.

In a recent survey of 420 senior decision-makers at business nationwide, as many as 65 percent said their company doesn't have a clearly defined energy policy, according to Hill & Knowlton, a global communications consultancy group. Two-thirds also said no one at their company was given the task of defining an energy strategy.

"Despite the hype, few companies are plotting a measurable action plan to drive return on environment," Joe Paluska, head of Hill & Knowlton's worldwide technology practice, said in a statement.

Paluska said there is a growing need for corporate accountability on energy performance as businesses grapple with the expectations of governments, customers, shareholders, and their own employees.

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Published on: May 9, 2007