More than a fifth of all callers hang up on customer service representatives before their problem is resolved, a new report shows.

In an online survey of 900 consumers, 68 percent who reported having a bad experience with a call center said they would consider changing service providers as a result, according to the CFI Group, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based consulting firm.

The report, which gauged customer satisfaction with catalog, banking, cell phone, cable and satellite television, insurance, and personal computer call centers, also found that callers tended to rate services from offshore call centers lower than those in the United States.

Overall, customer service reps with poor communications skills were able to solve problems only 45 percent of the time, compared to 88 percent of time among reps who speak clearly, the report said.

The report underscores the risks businesses take in neglecting to provide quality services from call centers, according to CFI Group Program Director Sheri Teodoru.

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