Harvard Business School has created an executive education program for entrepreneurs seeking to launch a start-up, school officials said this week.

Launching New Ventures: Jump-Starting Innovation for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners is an open-enrollment program taking place on Harvard's Boston campus between Sept. 30 and Oct. 5. The program is designed to examine the challenges and risks associated with launching a start-up, offering students guidance into making sound investment and management decisions, organizational skills for growing a business, and leadership skills required to maintain a successful enterprise.

According to Professor Lynda M. Applegate, faculty chair of the Harvard Business School, starting and growing successful businesses requires more than capital and an innovative idea. "Today's entrepreneurs must understand how to evolve strategy and operations to keep pace with rapid changes in the business environment," Applegate said in a statement.

Admission to the new program will be based on professional achievement. To apply online, visit www.exed.hbs.edu/programs/Inv/

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