Facing everything from political coups to rocket attacks, many business travelers feel employers aren't doing enough to protect them, a recent survey found.

Of more than 1,000 business travelers polled, nearly half said they felt the world was becoming a more dangerous place for business travel. Yet, 52 percent said they aren't provided a contact number in case of a crisis abroad, while 22 percent said they wouldn't know who to contact in an emergency, according to Control Risks, a Washington D.C.-based business risk consultancy. As many as a third said they had little confidence in their employer's ability to help in the event of a crisis.

As U.S. companies expand into emerging market overseas, risks to business travelers are on the rise, said Control Risks vice president Laura Winthrop. She said employers need to set travel security policies, both to ensure their employees' safety and to avoid "costly legal and reputational fall-out if something goes wrong."

Published on: Jul 23, 2007